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Our Philosophy

Early Childhood is the most critical period in human growth and development, for it is the time when the foundations and pathways for academic achievement are laid.  Play is the work of childhood.  Through their play and experiences, children seek to understand the world around them and their place within the world.  By participating in a variety of activities, children develop the neurological pathways necessary for mental, physical, emotional growth, and academic readiness.  Through collaborative efforts with each other, children learn to be sensitive to their own and others’ needs, thoughts and feelings. We pay keen attention to every child’s unique needs and preferences.  We foster a spirit of togetherness and socialization.  Learning is a life-long process.  It begins when children can participate in a safe environment with a variety of activities that challenge and interest them.  During these early years, learning experiences must be child initiated, diverse and creative and based upon sound principles of child development. Our program is founded on a variety of elements including art, music, movement and cognitive skills.  A developmental learning approach encourages children to be involved and discover things for themselves.  At every opportunity, children are supported to explore, question, think and grow. Developing Minds Academy provides an environment where research shows children learn best.  Our hope is that we are sending children out into the world who demonstrate intentional kindness and character, executive functioning and problem solving skills and who can think for themselves and feel empowered to try new things and think outside the box.

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