DMA will be reopening to all students on Monday, May 4th. As the state begins to slowly open, we want and need to be available to all of our families. We are committed to do as much as possible to keep our staff, students and families healthy. In doing so, the following guidelines will be in place- 

-  Curbside drop off and pick up is mandatory. There are no adults allowed in the school at any time except Staff. 

-  Children will be given a quick “health check” at drop off. Please allow yourself enough time to wait. Your child will have their temperature taken and a quick assessment to see if they are showing any signs of illness. Temperatures of 99.5 or greater will be sent home.  

-  You must pack your child a lunch and all snacks daily.  

- Class sizes will remain small, and only one class will be using the playground at one time. 

- Toys that are not easily sanitized have been put away. Please do not allow your child to bring any toys in. 

- Teachers have a strict cleaning protocol to follow throughout the day. 

-  We will continue to close at 5 to continue to thoroughly sanitize the school.  

-  If your child is showing any sign of illness (cough, runny nose, sneezing) they will be sent home.  Please have a plan in place in case this happens.  If called, your child must be picked up immediately.  

-  We are trusting that all of those that are attending DMA are practicing Social Distancing and all other CDC recommendations.